For BMW OEM and aftermarket camera setup and wiring
05.09.2023 | Ugode | FAQ

OEM camera:choose "Original/OEM camera" no need wiring

Aftermarket camera: automatic gear models choose "aftermarket camera" ; manual gear models choose "360 camera" 


NOTE: Different Android versions, different setup Routes:

setup Routes 1:

Setting->System->Reversing settings-> Original /aftermarket Camera


setup Routes 2:

Setting->System->Camera Selection->OEM/aftermarket Camera


Aftermarket backup camera wiring is different for BMW manual and automatic gear,OEM camera no need wiring,

For BMW manual gear models: Connect “CAMERA DETECT” wire to car rear light (need to connect an extention cable to rear light),

the rear light voltage: backing is 12V, no backing is 0V, you can measure it with multimeter




Q:When reversing, the screen does not switch automatically

A:1.Please go to "Setting-> System->Camera Selection" to Check that the "Camera Selection" is selected correctly

2.Try all options in "Factory setting->Vehicle->gear Selection-gear 1, 2, 3" to check which one makes the backup camera working.

3.Please goto the android factory setting(code is 2018) to check if the "CAN Protocol" chosen Correctly,

Choose according to original system of the CD.


Q:For Aftermarket backup camera,When reversing, the screen shows "no signal",

A: Please check if the camera is wired correctly.


Q:The screen does not automatically switch interface when reversing is finished

A: BMW automatic gear models do not automatically exit the reversing screen when reversing is finished,

you need to press any button on iDrive knob or "P" button to exit the reversing screen