For BMW EVO Android Screen Installation Manual
04.22.2024 | Ugode | Installation & Manual

Note:Be sure to disconnect the vehicle power supply before installation.

Please check if all  functions of  android screen are working well, then install the removed panel and CD.

How to Identify Your BMW's iDrive System:  click here


EVO Wiring Diagram

if your car is CCC CIC NBT system click here


  • If your car has optic fiber(Ignore if no optic fiber), need to relocate it to android harness, or else the problems maybe: No sound, No signal, etc. Click for details
  • Aftermarket camera wiring is different for BMW manual and automatic gear,OEM camera no need wiring.About OEM, aftermarket camera setup and aftermarket camera wiring: Click for details



  • Q: The original car system cannot be displayed correctly or flickers.


  • Q: The original car system shows "no signal"


  • Q: No sound for Android system


  • Q: Unable to automatically switch to reverse screen or no signal display when reversing


  • Q: Car joystick/drive knob not working