How to Fix BMW original system shows "no signal"
05.10.2023 | Ugode | FAQ

 Please check the followings:

  • If the original CD/headunit is turned on.


  • If the LVDS cable is plugged into android screen correctly.

  • If your car has optic fiber(Ignore if no optic fiber), need to relocate it to android harnes  Click for details


  • Check if "CAN Protocol" selection correctly(according to your car's IDrive system such as CCC,CIC,NBT;if your car without IDrive system then select "CIC"), Routes: Setting ->Factory (code"2018")->"CAN Protocol"(Note: After setting up the CAN protocol, wait for about 30 seconds, then turn off the device power. This means power off the car, locking the doors to completely cut off power, waiting for about 1 minute, then opening the door and power on car again to restart the CAN system.)

Note: For car with EVO system

If the OEM System theme is ID6, choose:"ID6_X1 or ID6_5S";

If the OEM System theme is ID5, choose:"ID5_X1 or ID5_5S"

Exception: some cars although with ID5 theme,but "CAN Protocol" need to choose:ID6_X1 or ID6_5S“; also some cars although with ID6 theme,but "CAN Protocol" need to choose: "ID5_X1 or ID5_5S", It's a rare case(Please try all "car protocol" options until the issues is fixed.)