For Mercedes-Benz OEM, aftermarket camera setup and wiring
05.11.2023 | Ugode | FAQ



OEM camera:choose "Original/OEM camera" no need wiring, Aftermarket camera: choose " aftermarket camera" in setting.

NOTE: Different Android versions, different setup Routes:

setup Routes 1:

Setting->System->Reversing settings-> Original /aftermarket Camera

setup Routes 2:

Setting->System->Camera Selection->OEM/aftermarket Camera



Q:When reversing, the screen does not switch automatically

A:1.Please Check Camera Selection is set correctly

2.Try all options in "Setting->Factory(code:2018)->Vehicle->gear Selection-gear 1, 2, 3" to check which one makes the backup camera working.

3.Check if "CAN Protocol" selection correctly(according to your car's NTG system), Routes: Setting ->Factory (code"2018")->"CAN Protocol"
Note: For Mercedes with NTG5.0/5.2 system cars,"5.0" is for Mercedes C/GLC/V Class, "5.1" is for other cars


Q:For Aftermarket backup camera,When reversing, the screen shows "no signal",

A: Please check if the camera is wired correctly, below is aftermarket backup camera wiring Diagram