How to fix no sound from Android screen
10.15.2022 | ugodeuk |

no sound:

1.Check optic cables well relocated correctly and closely.

2.If there is Aux input port on car, connect Audio cable/box into it.

3.Choose AUX Switching mode “Manual” in factory settings, then go to OEM radio and choose “Audio-AUX” , touch screen to android, sound out. (BENZ NTG5 and BMW EVO is in USB function shows USB device connected) .

4.If you want AUX automatic switch, needs to set correct AUX position in android setting for BENZ NTG4.5/4.7/5 , or else no sound, details refer to setting instruction.

5.please check the android factory setting(code is 2018) to check if the "CAN Protocol" chosen is NTG5.0/NTG4.5/NTG4.0/NBT/CIC/CCC, Choose according to original system of the CD(Usually set at the factory, no need to change)

note: if your car is Benz NTG4.5 which has no AUX, need to activate Aux inside factory settings first, the route is : Factory Settings-Vehicle-AUX Activate after restart, you will see AUX inside NTG menu. 

for benz NTG4.5/NTG4.0 need to confirm that the white plug connection on the power main cable is correct

 --- Video to show how to activate Aux

 --- Video for Benz to show how to set AUX Switching mode to “Manual” for sound.

 --- Video for BMW to show how to set AUX Switching mode to “Manual” for sound.