How to fix OEM system screen flashing and incorrect display after installing Android screen?
10.09.2022 | ugodeuk |

1please check and sure connections are correct. power cable and lvds plug firm, if loose ,it will flick,If your car has optic fiber, need to relocate it to android plugs to cd from original harness


Switching fiber:

2.In android setting-factory settings-car display, password: 2018, please choose Cartype one by one according to the original radio system such as CCC, CIC, NBT or NTG4.0, NTG4.5, NTG5 , not car models until OEM radio display correct.

Video to show how to select Cartype for BMW:

Video to show how to select Cartype for Benz:

3.Please double check the connection of android plug to original radio to make sure it is well connected.