How to identify the version of Mercedes-Benz NTG system
04.22.2023 | Ugode | FAQ

What is NTG system?

NTG is short for New Telematics Generation of Mercedes Benz Cockpit Management and Data system (COMAND),the specific features of each NTG system may vary depending on the make and model year of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.


Why need to confirm NTG system?

Because different versions of the NTG system will affect the cable interface, screen size, firmware version, etc. If you choose an incompatible product, the screen will not work normally .


How to identify the version of Mercedes-Benz NTG system?

Judge the NTG system version by the year of production,but it is impossible to accurately judge the NTG system version based on the year alone

Here are some examples:

- NTG 1.0/2.0: Models produced between 2002 and 2009
- NTG 2.5: Models produced between 2009 and 2011
- NTG 3/3.5: Models produced between 2005 and 2013
- NTG 4/4.5: Models produced between 2011 and 2015
- NTG 5/5.1: Models produced between 2014 and 2018
- NTG 6: model produced from 2018

Please note that certain Mercedes-Benz models may have a different version of the NTG system, depending on the region or country in which they are sold.


Identify NTG system by checking the car's radio menu, CD panel, and LVDS plug.

Please refer to the photo below :


Using VIN Decoder to Determine NTG Version

The last method is to check the vehicle identification number (VIN) and use an online VIN decoder to determine the NTG version.