Is it necessary to have car navigation as mobile navigation is already so convenient.
11.30.2022 | ugodeuk | blog

In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet, mobile navigation is increasingly accepted by people. On the other hand, vehicle navigation has also been questioned by many people. Some people even think that car navigation is really necessary. In my opinion, car navigation has its comparative advantages over mobile navigation. Therefore, it exists for a reason. Even if mobile navigation has become more and more convenient, car navigation is still necessary.
First of all, mobile navigation is becoming more and more flexible, but its accuracy is also getting higher and higher. The map update of mobile navigation is convenient, allowing drivers to better master real-time road conditions. However, it is not difficult to find that there is also an obvious disadvantage of mobile navigation, that is, the battery capacity is not enough, so using mobile navigation for a long time will greatly reduce the power of the mobile phone.
In fact, from the perspective of portability. Car navigation is obviously better than mobile navigation. The mobile navigation screen is small and inconvenient to place. At this time, if there is a car navigation system, there is no such concern. The car navigation screen is larger and the map is clearer.
Thirdly, the reversing function is also very important. In some crowded cities, the parking space is relatively small, and it is safer to have a parking aid, especially for women and novices
Another important point is that when you are driving, if you have a call, it is safe to answer it through Bluetooth. The navigation system will prompt you to change lanes and turn in advance in the background. You won’t go wrong. On the contrary, it is not safe to answer and make calls with your mobile phone while driving, and you can’t navigate the map at the same time.
Finally, I think mobile navigation is greatly affected by the region and weather. When a driver friend drives to a suburb or remote area, the mobile phone signal will become very poor. At this time, the mobile navigation will lose its function.
With GPS global positioning system, you can know your exact position anytime and anywhere when you drive the car. The car navigation features automatic voice navigation, best path search and other functions to make your way easy and unimpeded, and the integrated office and entertainment functions make you easy to drive and travel efficiently! General functions of car navigation include DVD player, radio reception, Bluetooth hands-free, touch screen, optional function, intelligent track reversing, tire pressure detection function, virtual six disc, background control function!
1、 Classification by vehicle type navigation:
1. Special DVD navigation for special vehicles: one machine is equipped with one model (most need to remove the original vehicle CD)
2. Universal type: various models can be modified by adding frames
3. Split machine: dedicated navigation subdivision products for special vehicles, upgrading DVD navigation products without removing CD and other parts of the original vehicle

2、 Navigation classification by using function:
1. Traditional navigation
2. Voice guided navigation:

Latest navigation features:
1. WIFI, 4G Internet access
2. Multimedia playing YOUTUBE, NETFLIX,
3. CARPLAY, ANDROID AUTO, connect mobile phone
The navigation screen is becoming larger and larger, with more and more functions. It is more convenient and intelligent to use. Therefore, it is necessary to install a large Android navigation screen in the car.