The new generation of Apple CarPlay system
05.17.2024 | Ugode | blog

At the WWDC conference in June 2022, Apple announced the so-called "next generation CarPlay", which represents a comprehensive upgrade of the CarPlay interface. The new CarPlay will use a split-screen interface, allowing multiple applications to be displayed at the same time. Additionally, it will include a "Dock" bar at the bottom for quick access to recently used apps.

However, the most striking feature of the new CarPlay interface is its ability to completely take over a car's infotainment system. This includes the entire center display as well as other screens located behind the steering wheel.

Not only the car's central control screen, the new generation of CarPlay can also control other display devices in the car, such as the dashboard and the entertainment screen on the passenger side. In this way, whether you are viewing navigation information, adjusting music playback, or checking vehicle status, you can seamlessly switch between different screens, providing a smoother and more convenient operating experience. Apple said that "deep integration with vehicles will allow users to directly control the radio or adjust the interior temperature through CarPlay."

Previously, Apple CarPlay could only play music, videos, or use maps and messaging apps, but essentially, it was all "input" from the iPhone, with no access to data in the car.

Think of it this way: Everything that previously had to be done using the car's native interface will now be fully integrated with CarPlay itself. Ideally, this means you only need to interact with CarPlay.