Upgrading Your Car with CarPlay and Android Auto: Everything You Need to Know
04.12.2024 | Ugode | blog

CarPlay and Android Auto are both smartphone connection systems designed for cars. They allow drivers to access functions such as mobile applications, navigation, communications and music through the car's entertainment system, providing a more convenient and safer driving experience.

CarPlay is a system developed by Apple that is compatible with the iPhone and operates mobile applications through the car's touch screen, buttons and voice control. Android Auto is a system developed by Google, which is compatible with Android phones and provides similar functions and operations.

Both systems are designed to reduce driver distraction from operating mobile phones and improve driving safety. They also provide drivers with more entertainment and information functions, making the driving process more enjoyable and convenient.



If your vehicle does not currently support CarPlay and Android auto, there are several options to consider for adding this functionality

1. If your car supports Android 4.4 or higher, you can get CarPlay and Android Auto functionality with a USB Carplay adapter. It's plug-and-play, requires no installation, and is affordable.Click For details


2.If your car does not support Android system, you can install the carplay interface.Click For details

3.The most popular method is to upgrade your car with an Android screen.Click For details

Key Features :

  • Non destructive installation, no need reprogramming or coding
  • Built in Apple Carplay | Android auto, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth
  • Keep car's all original features
  • Support AHD reversing/Parking system
  • Dual system, OEM and Android, Switch freely
  • Support 4K Video & Split screen 
  • Support 4G LTE, 5G WiFi